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The Connect Strategist

Shalon Barnett

International Speaker, a successful entrepreneur, published Author, and Certified Reinvention Coach helping women reinvent their lives after what others deemed as insurmountable odds.

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Connect 365

Eve Jones

It’s my mission to help you pursue valuable connections!  Each month we feature trailblazers in business, government and community.  I invite you to read about them and connect. 

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Brandon Jolly

My mission is to provide the most dependable, creative and professional graphic design service at prices that are affordable. Helping you create concepts that will best represent you and your mission. 



Featuring Shalon Barnett

Shalon's personal story is the driving force behind her commitment to coach and mentor others beyond the choices and situations of their past. She has faced the emotional impact of financial loss, a lack of identity, abandonment, incarceration, and areas of abuse.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Shalon's HOPE, established in 2016 with a passion for seeing women transform their lives. Shalon believes no woman should be without a place to live, so she created Shalon's Hope, a nonprofit organization, to provide residential housing to women with a history of abuse, bad relationships, and criminal records. She is also co-owner of North Tampa Pharmacy and a registered pharmacy technician. Shalon has helped thousands with their medications and medication management, and she is a silent Philanthropist who has assisted many without them knowing where their help originated.

Happy November Connectors!  

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