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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Mrs. C. NiCole Sanders. C. NiCole is an International Speaker, Consultant, Author, and Travel Business Owner. She is a wife, mother of four children, and a dog-mom to two PitChows. C. NiCole was born and raised in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida in a small city called Stuart. Although currently residing in Raleigh, NC, she considers Atlanta, GA to be her home. She can best be described as someone who loves living life fearlessly and on her own terms. She is passionate about empowering her audiences to also walk in truth and freedom in their daily lives. C. NiCole uses her decades of corporate experience and connections in arts and entertainment to ignite purpose in the lives of others. Her book titled F.R.E.E.-My Truth. My Power. My Freedom. is a captivating narrative of how this heroic woman prevailed through molestation, rape, domestic abuse, heartbreaking betrayal, abandonment, rejection, and traumatic romantic relationships. C. NiCole offers her readers real-life solutions on: How to speak your truth, unleash your power, and fight for your freedom. Surrounding herself with positive influences and watching her clients experience unprecedented freedoms is her chief joy and delight. Traveling has become another love for C. NiCole. She believes the goal is to die with more memories than dreams! As a result, she recently became the owner of a travel business and enjoys sharing the opportunity of entrepreneurship through travel with others.


I had the distinct privilege of interviewing the visionary C. NiCole Sanders, where she shares her extraordinary journey displaying the true mission behind her story, which I am very excited to learn and share… Please connect with C. NiCole today for more information on her brand and her books.


Q: Tell us more about the concept of  “F.R.E.E.-My Truth. My Power. My Freedom” and what is the biggest take away from your book?


 F.R.E.E. which stands for Forever Resilient in In Every Way Everyday, is me finally getting the courage to tell the world my TRUTH, raw and uncut. I’ve carried almost 35 years of trauma from one stage of my life to the next because I was ashamed and afraid to speak up. A safe space had never been created for me. We as women, especially black women, have been conditioned to always walk in grace even when our world is falling apart. I was literally walking around as a “wounded healer”; giving others advice but not in a position to receive the gems I was putting out. I finally found the courage to snatch back the power (I forgot I had) and fight for my freedom. There are many takeaways throughout this book. My prayer is that my ‘real life’ situations and solutions empower others and give them the tools they need to fearlessly speak their truth, unleash their power, and fight for their freedom!


Q: How did your childhood and life’s testimony impact your life to become who you are today?

My entire life’s testimony taught me many things about myself. I realized that I was more beautiful, stronger, and wiser than I had ever given myself credit for. I learned that healthy boundaries are needed and it’s ok to walk unapologetically in your God given gift. I now embrace all of me: my past, present, and future because I am made of all three. How you started is not important. The final chapters of your life have not yet been written. It is up to you! You hold the pen to write the story that you want to read in the end. My choice was to speak over myself and allow God to cultivate me into a woman of great strength and resilience. I now have the power to empower others to walk boldly into their destiny. 


Q: What do you want people to retain the most when you refer to speaking the truth, unleashing your power and fighting for their freedom?

I would simply say this: “Life is so beautiful once you are completely F.R.E.E.” There are millions of people amongst us walking this earth in pain from unaddressed hurt and trauma. That does not have to be your life! But the first step begins with you; having the courage and the willingness to do the work necessary to get to the root of the pain that has had you bound and kept you from experiencing the amazing life that you desire and deserve.


Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered while becoming a female entrepreneur and what inspired you to keep going?

I used to be a woman who lived in a space where my worth was measured by another person’s calculations. I NO LONGER RESIDE THERE! In spite of all the things that I have gone through in my life, God kept me here for a reason. He forgives me for all my wrongs. So why would I continue to allow someone else to keep me bound? I have been entrusted with an assignment and the responsibility to use my story to give hope and bring healing to others. I vow to use my voice until my very last breath.


Q: Tell us more about your coaching style and what makes you different?


I like to describe my coaching style as “coaching through conversation”. I enjoy conversing with people.  I like to talk through things with my clients to allow them to discover their own truths. These are typically things that have kept them from experiencing unprecedented freedoms in their lives. I help my clients discover thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and unhealthy patterns that are holding them back from their ultimate goals. Mindset matters, it’s all about cause and effect! I work with my clients to transform and reprogram their minds, develop better relationships, and drastically improve the overall quality of life.


Q: What’s your favorite life approach quote and why?


My all-time favorite is the scripture: God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love, and of a sound mind- 2Timothy 1:7 (KJV). This scripture has cured me of my fearful living and helped me to change my mindset. Although always mindful of my surroundings; I no longer feel the need to walk around constantly looking over my shoulder. I now face life and its adversity head on with confidence and a positive attitude.

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