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Welcome to the  CONNECT 365 site! I am delighted that you are here doing what I love best, making connections.


My name is Evelisse Jones aka EVE. I am best known as the Connect Strategist “Queen of Networking,” due to my business success, expertise and passion to connect people around the world. I am committed to provide excellence and superior professionalism.


My experience has affirmed that Networking is a social economical business activity by which business people an entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships. With my guidance, I assist business to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities as well as, share information and seek potential partners for various ventures. I firmly believe that networking is how we grow, and our time and commitment is how we develop into prominent leaders and entrepreneurs.

We have been in business since 2019, and look forward to continue to grow together. I decided to create a networking newsletter where I will promote, advertise and support business visionaries. The monthly newsletter is powerful, fun and comprised of successful tools right at your fingertips.


With over 5,000 followers on Facebook, close to 10,000 on Instagram, and over 2,000 on LinkedIn and counting, we can guaranteed you the spotlight for many viewers! After seeing and hearing so many stories from people’s testimonies, I realized that despite fear and the opposition to expand while networking, we must be determined to go forth in order for us to prevail to a professional level of excellence!


Therefore, it’s my mission to help you pursue each connection you build each day in 365 days by providing you with my best successful tips. I am looking forward to seeing your support and testimonies from all the lessons in this newsletter and social media podcasts.

Here’s to embracing new opportunities to build greater relationships and truly believing that connecting is a way of living!


Let’s connect!


Lets Connect!

We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits etc. If  you or someone you know is interested in being featured in CONNECT365, please let us know.  


Given the volume of submissions we cannot promise to reply to each submission; however, we  definitely review and consider every recommendation. Thank you for your love and support!

Thanks for submitting!



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