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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an amazing visionary, Denise C. Burt. She is a mother, board certified credit consultant, financial literacy coach, motivator, and founder of Fresh Recovery Ultimate Solutions LLC, where her motto is, “Everyone deserves a fresh new start at life”. Denise is very passionate about seeing people inspired, jubilant, motivated, and winning in each and every aspect of their lives. Denise offers her support and expertise particularly in the areas of financial literacy and credit  restoration. As a young single and hardworking mom, Denise refused to allow her struggles and self-limiting beliefs to define her. No matter the circumstance, Denise knew there had to be a better way of living than settling for the life she created. Denise began to educate herself, utilizing her resources, and implementing proven strategies that worked. This is when Denise realized that she had the power to change her family’s life for the better. As a result, Denise focused her attention on the importance of financial literacy and entrepreneurship; something that is not typically taught within her community. This is also a common dilemma that many communities face across America with over 80 million individuals currently in debt. The knowledge and experience that Denise obtained paired with the positive results that she celebrated, fueled a passion within her to help close the wealth gap. Denise felt compelled to stay the course by dedicating her time and efforts towards helping others strive for financial freedom, while always encouraging entrepreneurs to step outside of the box and strive to achieve their goals. The important services Denise provides are offered in all 50 states.


I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Denise concerning her mission with the community and was very excited to share what I learned about her purpose … Connect with the “Fresh Recovery Credit Guru” and book your next consultation Today!


Q: Tell us more about the “Fresh Recovery Credit Mission” and how has it helped you and other people?

My company's mission supersedes our ability to just repair credit. That’s a given for anyone who follows the steps and commits to the process. Our mission is to also educate and empower individuals, while providing valuable tools to restore, maintain, and also leverage their credit to build long-lasting results and lifestyles. We strive to build an unwavering foundation to keep some of the most critical aspects of their financial lives strong and intact for generations to come. Just the applied knowledge alone has increased my score over 100 points. Our financial literacy program offers several services such as budgeting tools, credit monitoring, and a client roadmap just to name a few. This keeps clients on track and in-the-know with what is happening with

their process. In addition, we have removed over 1 million negative items for our customers to date and I am included in that number.


Q: What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs and successful tips towards becoming a small business owner?

I have three main pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs and business owners. First, never fear your growth. Many times, we find ourselves stagnant because not only do we fear our own growth, but we’re not always open to try new things. The discomfort of

stretching ourselves can be overwhelming and many people tend to quit before their breakthrough. It’s important to remember that there is absolutely zero growth in comfort zones. Keep going and you will get there.


The second piece of advice is to FAIL FORWARD. John Maxwell once said, “If you’re not failing, you’re probably not really moving forward.” One thing for sure is we cannot fail if we don’t TRY… We also can’t succeed without experiencing failure. Therefore, fail

forward and know that you have to “try” first to achieve either. Trying may be your start, but eventually you’ll adopt the mindset of just DOING, and “trying” will disappear from your thought process. It’s the “doing” that moves you forward in life so take failures as

learning experiences because when you want it bad enough, you will make it happen. Thirdly, find a mentor. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be in life. Be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge that you can. They say we are an average

of the people we hang around, so choose your circle wisely. Block anything and anyone who doesn’t support your mission.


Q: What are some of the challenges you see your clients encounter before they decide to work on their credit?

Many people are apprehensive or simply unknowing of the direction they should be taking in terms of their financial health. Many others also have credit reports that are overloaded with items that could have been removed sooner by law. This is definitely

something that I help them address.


Q: Tell us more about some of your achievements and why is it so important for you to change the perception of financial freedom in our communities?

My greatest achievements are measured by the success of the individuals that I serve. For example, anytime that I’m able to dispel a credit myth, or educate someone on a financial topic that may need clarification, that is a major achievement. Furthermore,

helping everyone to succeed by increasing their credit score is very fulfilling and is the reward for everyone involved including myself. When my clients win, I win! There are more than 80 million Americans in debt right now, so it’s critical for me to change the perception of financial freedom in our communities, and this is my ultimate goal. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. Matters of finance can be an intimidating topic for many and avoiding it will hinder us from moving forward. I have learned from my past experiences that simply being available to speak with someone on a 15-minute consultation, provides a viable segway to a person making healthier financial decisions. My personalized approach assures that everyone participating in the process is not just a number. And it all creates a plan of action to success.


Q: What are some of the benefits of a new Fresh Start?

When a person can identify the areas in their life that need attention, it can open so many doors. It’s important for everyone to know they matter. When we begin to realize that we matter, we tend to move much differently. Our goals and visions begin to change

while we begin to welcome more positive mindsets and healthier habits. Fresh Recovery Credit is committed towards helping people see their VALUE. Those who utilize the services will benefit from a fresh start making their goals more attainable.


Q: What’s your favorite life approach, quote and why?

Live as though life was created for you. -Dr. Maya Angelo

When I began to realize that we hold the power to change our lives in our very own hands, it forced me to think differently. I asked myself, “Do I want to continue to let life happen to me? Or do I want life to start happening “for me?” I chose the latter and there’s a huge difference. Life truly is what we make it. Every day we have a clean slate. We are a blank canvas. Our lives are a gift, and what we create on that canvas is just for us. Always be grateful because that mindset alone will make such a positive difference in your life.

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