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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Dr. Tia Murry. She is a Motivational Speaker, Professional Certified Mindset Coach, 2x- Best Selling Author, and Business Flight Plan Strategist through her business FLI, LLC. Dr. Murry has obtained twenty-two years of experience in organizational leadership within local/state government; in addition, she has overseen well-known non-profit organizations and successfully customized organizational health assessments for small businesses. Dr. Murry is recognized by the United National Global Women Foundation as a Woman of Distinction. Dr. Murry is also a recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Entrepreneurship & Business Administration from Trinity International University of Ambassadors.


Dr. Murry has received numerous guest spotlights, billboard appearances and is a featured expert writer for well-known magazines due to her work of empowering women internationally. Furthermore, Dr. Murry has been featured at SpeakerCon Forbes Global, Tap-In Magazine, The Mompreneur CEO Show, Shout Out Atlanta, and countless other media outlets. Dr. Murry has delivered keynote presentations for small and large organizations including universities. Dr. Murry’s latest book F.L.I. Forgive. Let Go. Initiate. soared to Amazon’s Best Self-Help Short Read shortly after being released. Despite a plethora of enormous responsibilities, serving is Dr. Murry’s passion, but nothing comes before the love and care she has for her children, Derrick, Tamia, Jazmyn, and her most precious granddaughter Amaiah.



I had the distinct privilege of interviewing the “F.L.I Creator,” concerning her amazing story and mission, which I am very excited to learn and share… Please connect with Dr. Tia Murry today for more information on her business and get to know her better.  


Q: Tell us more about the “F.L.I” concept and what impact you would like to make in the community?  


I came up with the concept of F.L.I. through life experiences. F- Forgive. L- Let Go. I- Initiate. are required steps in order to live the life you want. When you allow yourself to go through the F.L.I. process you will find that each stage is necessary for the next to occur. F.L.I. a therapeutic process can be applied in both your personal and professional life.


Q: What were some of the best practices that help you get the recognition as a Woman of Distinction?  How has your achievement helped you become who you are today?


There are 3 best practice tips that I share with my clients. #1. Show up ready- this means you will need to do the prep work to be prepared. #2. Be consistent- consistency removes uncertainty and leads to trust. #3. Be authentic- when you are true to yourself not only are happier but the uniqueness of who you are stands out.


Q: What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs and tips towards becoming a successful woman in business?   


The journey to being an entrepreneur will have turbulence so expect it. To help prepare you for those times hire a mentor/coach. The right mentor/coach will help you develop a navigational flight plan that will help you to land at your destination. ASK questions and be OPEN to growth which can be uncomfortable.


Q: What are some of the challenges you encountered as a professional women entrepreneur and how did you overcome the odds by becoming a Doctor?


One of the biggest challenges I faced is being a woman at the executive table. I was either challenged by being the only one or being the only minority woman at the table. This is where being confident in myself and my abilities helped. This confidence was developed by continuing to learn and having a coach.


I was nominated and approved (went through the application process) to become an honorary doctor through Trinity International University of Ambassadors. This by far is one of my greatest accomplishments. One of the biggest lessons I learned from the experience is that there are those who are watching you and don’t even you know. I am thankful that my walk matches my talk. My name is mentioned in rooms that I haven’t stepped into yet.


Q: What makes your story different and how you are making a legacy”?   


My story is not necessarily different but one of never giving up. I wanted more so I was determined to go get it.


The legacy that I am building is not only generational wealth but sharing with the community how they can live out their wildest dreams.


Q: What’s your favorite life approach, quote, and why?  


My approach to life is God uniquely designed me and I am worthy of all of His blessings. I have enormous dreams that are clearly attainable. 


One of my favorite quotes: “I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life who taught me about quiet strength and dignity.” Michelle Obama


This quote is a direct reflection of my life. I have a long history in my family, especially among women who took the time to invest in my well-being. Conversations were had about being an entrepreneur, advice-giving on being a working single parent, the need to give back to the community, and encouraging me to live out my dreams because it is possible.

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